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Pastor Deckard is a native Texan and lives in Dallas with her family. She preached her first sermon in 2004 and was ordained in 2008. Pastor Deckard has continued to preach and teach at Church of the Solid Rock. She has made her life all about service and participated in many workshops and seminars, from parenting symposiums to diversity conferences along with speaking engagements. Pastor Deckard has traveled locally and internationally, preaching and singing for the Lord. She is a Partnered Ally with the University of North Texas Equality and Diversity Programs and received many awards for her various community-outreach programs and volunteer services. One ministry very close to her heart is Sand Branch. As a Preacher of the Gospel, Pastor Deckard desires to introduce more souls to Christ as she encourages others to focus more on spirituality and their relationship with the Lord. Pastor Deckard founded D. G. Deckard Ministries in 2007, a 501c3 Christian organization. She is also the founder and Pastor of Church the Solid Rock, Dallas TX; a place of worship, acceptance and spiritual growth.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year: The Christian Challenge

Welcome to 2012 Saints! 

Truly we are blessed to have made it thus far.  This is a new season for many and I pray that this year will bring you much peace.  So many people are on edge and living without much peace.  Always worried about something: the economy, jobs, food, shelter, able to meet monthly obligations, church, family, etc, etc, etc.  Well, this year, seek to live in as much peace as possible.  In the past, I have come to know peace very well -- especially on THIS side of heaven.   This new year, I will purposely seek out peace in my life and help others do the same. 

I am so excited about 2012 for many reasons but one of the main reasons [for me] is KNOWING that the God of ALL creation  has a MASTER plan for me!!!  It's time for me to step up my game and become a key player in God's Kingdom.  My question for you is: will you become a key player for Christ or will you continue to warm the bench?  Will you practice Christianity daily or throw caution to the wind, chasing after the finite worldly things?  Do you want to be a headliner for Christ or remain an unknown bench-warmer for the enemy?

When I played the competitive game of basketball, I was a starter and key player.  As a Freshman, and being elected to the Varsity Team, I faced many, many challenges from the "upper class" team players but I didn't let that stop me from achieving my goals.  I started out on the bench but eventually became a starter.  By the time I reached my Sophomore year of high school, I became a headliner.  I practiced as often as I was breathing; totally dedicated a portion of my life to being the BEST team player that I could be! I was very skilled in my abilities.  By the time I reached my Senior year, I earned my rank as one of the 4th leading scorers in my district.  My position in rank was due to an injury that had me out of the game for about 4 weeks.  Who knows, I could have possibly been ranked as #1; either way, I was still ahead of most who never missed a game...

Why was I so successful at the game?  Because I put in the WORK and practiced all the time!  When I wasn't sleeping, eating and studying, I was practicing on perfecting my skills.  Back then, I was dedicated to a physical game but now I am dedicated to a spiritual game called Christianity.  If you play the game righteously, you'll win in Christ.

Are you suited and ready to take the Christian challenge in 2012?

Now is the time to suit up (Ephesians 6:10-18), practice (Romans 12:13), do well (Titus 3:14) and get ready to WIN!!! (1 Corinthians 9:24)  I'll meet you on the practice court @ church!  Whose got next???

Be blessed in 2012!

- Pastor D

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