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Pastor Deckard is a native Texan and lives in Dallas with her family. She preached her first sermon in 2004 and was ordained in 2008. Pastor Deckard has continued to preach and teach at Church of the Solid Rock. She has made her life all about service and participated in many workshops and seminars, from parenting symposiums to diversity conferences along with speaking engagements. Pastor Deckard has traveled locally and internationally, preaching and singing for the Lord. She is a Partnered Ally with the University of North Texas Equality and Diversity Programs and received many awards for her various community-outreach programs and volunteer services. One ministry very close to her heart is Sand Branch. As a Preacher of the Gospel, Pastor Deckard desires to introduce more souls to Christ as she encourages others to focus more on spirituality and their relationship with the Lord. Pastor Deckard founded D. G. Deckard Ministries in 2007, a 501c3 Christian organization. She is also the founder and Pastor of Church the Solid Rock, Dallas TX; a place of worship, acceptance and spiritual growth.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Welcome To 2021

It's been a while since I've blogged. And with life and the fullness there of, it easy to get side-tracked. 

A lot of interesting events have taken place over the past 11 months. We were hit hard with COVID-19. Many lives were lost. Jobs were lost. Families went hungry. The world was in a tailspin. The US had a rocky election that resulted in unnecessary violence and senseless deaths. Sadness all around us. I lost my younger sibling on NYE due to the deadly pandemic that shook the world. She was one of the 400,000+ lives that were lost...and that's just to the virus. We also must not forget that there were other lives lost to other diseases. Let's pause for a moment of silence to remember our lost loved ones...

Today, and every day this year, focus on self care, reaching out and caring for others both virtually and safely. Drop off a meal to someone who may be impaired in some way. Call up a friend. Send an actually greeting card to someone to let them know they are on your mind. Make amends with an ought you may have with someone. Pray and intercede for your children. Any acts of kindness will do...and mean it. Don't do it out of obligation...really mean it. Don't just say you were scrolling through your phone and stumbled upon their number. If they pop in your mind, reach out. I did and I'm glad about it. 

Every single day we have breath, make the best of it. Don't waste one moment in regret, because time is precious and life is too uncertain. Make plans but don't plan too far ahead. Remember, God took 6 days to create then on the 7th day, He rested. So, take life one day at a time. Don't borrow tomorrow because that day may never come. 

Yes labor but don't forget to rest. Before you go to sleep, ask God to send his angels to watch over you. And when you rise to face a new day, thank God for another day that was not promised. Take care, stay safe, wear your face covering, social distance, and wash your hands. 



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