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Dallas, Texas, United States
Pastor Deckard is a native Texan and lives in Dallas with her family. She preached her first sermon in 2004 and was ordained in 2008. Pastor Deckard has continued to preach and teach at Church of the Solid Rock. She has made her life all about service and participated in many workshops and seminars, from parenting symposiums to diversity conferences along with speaking engagements. Pastor Deckard has traveled locally and internationally, preaching and singing for the Lord. She is a Partnered Ally with the University of North Texas Equality and Diversity Programs and received many awards for her various community-outreach programs and volunteer services. One ministry very close to her heart is Sand Branch. As a Preacher of the Gospel, Pastor Deckard desires to introduce more souls to Christ as she encourages others to focus more on spirituality and their relationship with the Lord. Pastor Deckard founded D. G. Deckard Ministries in 2007, a 501c3 Christian organization. She is also the founder and Pastor of Church the Solid Rock, Dallas TX; a place of worship, acceptance and spiritual growth.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Poetic Love of God

God's love makes me love
Not bitter but sweet
The trees that grow
In the rain or snow
Lean down on me below
The love of God dwells within me
High or low, fast or slow
Through thick and thin
And the change within
Seems to be offered for free
For the love of God is in me
The world should often repeat

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thank You Lord!

Today, as I sit in front of my monitor, listening to some soft spiritual music, I’m thinking of all the many ways to say, Thank You Lord. You have done so much to see me to this point in my life and I just want to pause and give thanks….

God, you’ve been so good to me and I just can’t tell it all. You’ve kept me from dangers seen and unseen. Thank you for protection and direction. Thank you for wisdom and knowledge. Thank you for all that you’ve given and all that I have yet to receive. Your promises are never broken and your grace is infinite. You are worthy to be praised, glorified and honored. Thank you for loving me and caring for me, even when I couldn’t care for myself. You’ve carried my burdens when they became too heavy for me to carry. Thank you Lord! You’ve watched over my family and loved ones; thank you Lord! You’ve answered my prayers and said wait when the timing was not right for me. Thank you Lord.

I love you with all of my heart. From the very depths of my soul, you are Lord of my life and there will be no other. No one will be able to separate your love from me; and for that, I thank you Lord! Thank You for mercy; thank You for grace; thank You for peace; thank You for courage; thank You for health; thank You for spiritual wealth and the many promises to come. I bless your Holy Name and give you all the praise because that’s what you deserve from me. You alone are worthy.

God, I’ve learned to trust in you and only you. My strength comes from you; my joy comes from you; my peace comes from you; my life comes from you. I am your child and you are my Father. Thank You for sending my brother Jesus, the Christ, the Savior and friend to rescue me from sin. I am free and have salvation because of His blood. I have everlasting life because Jesus paid the ultimate price and sacrificed His life for mine. Humankind has been reconciled with you God, because of Jesus’ blood and for that, I thank you Lord! Thank you Jesus! Thank You Lord! Thank You Lord! I just want to Thank You Lord!

In Jesus’ matchless name, Amen.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

No Turning Back, I Rest My Case

Folks, I have good news for you. I’m going to offer you a "free" gift. How many of us like the word free? Well, what if I told you this is something you already have in your possession? All you have to do is put your keys in the ignition and turn towards God’s grace.

The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor.....

Does your spirit need a face-lift? The good news is the Gospel Message -- which is, the free gift of grace.
Paul in his epistles used the word grace to describe the vital difference between striving to win God’s favor and accepting God’s gift of salvation, which is an expression of God’s grace. Your face-lift (gift) is waiting for you! No surgery or make-up is required; no coupons nor mail-in rebates are needed; this offer is good 24/7. You are "free" to accept this gift at anytime. Seek the Holy Spirit for guidance and walk in your grace. No turning back!

He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind…

You are no longer a prisoner of someone else’s misery. Take those shackles off your feet and run towards heaven. Go from the pit to the palace. Look to the hills for we know our help comes from the Most High. Let us begin to be mountain thinkers instead of resting in the valley. Look towards heaven and not down to the the ground. Take off those blinders! Remove the scales from your eyes and see the glory of the Lord. God has done great things for you. God is worthy to be praised!!!! No turning back to self hate! No turning back to self pity! Take CAN’T out of your vocabulary! Rest your case on God and give your life to Christ. No turning back!

…to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

Cheer up my sisters and brothers! If you begin to magnify and glorify God, those demons of sadness, depression and oppression will flee from your presence. Claim the victory today and ask Jesus to come into your hearts. The favor of the Lord is upon US in 2007! All who are ready will receive the favor of God. Those who are not ready will have to wait for the next harvest.

Let us be ready in season and out of season. When God is ready to bless you, will you be ready? No turning back! Reflect but don’t regret! Look back but don't digress. Remember: only what YOU do for Christ will last then, you can really rest your case in that heavenly place called grace! No turning back.....I rest my case!!

Reference Scriptures: Luke 4:18-19

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