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Pastor Deckard is a native Texan and lives in Dallas with her family. She preached her first sermon in 2004 and was ordained in 2008. Pastor Deckard has continued to preach and teach at Church of the Solid Rock. She has made her life all about service and participated in many workshops and seminars, from parenting symposiums to diversity conferences along with speaking engagements. Pastor Deckard has traveled locally and internationally, preaching and singing for the Lord. She is a Partnered Ally with the University of North Texas Equality and Diversity Programs and received many awards for her various community-outreach programs and volunteer services. One ministry very close to her heart is Sand Branch. As a Preacher of the Gospel, Pastor Deckard desires to introduce more souls to Christ as she encourages others to focus more on spirituality and their relationship with the Lord. Pastor Deckard founded D. G. Deckard Ministries in 2007, a 501c3 Christian organization. She is also the founder and Pastor of Church the Solid Rock, Dallas TX; a place of worship, acceptance and spiritual growth.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

God Knows Who You Are

Psalm 139:1-10

This is a psalm (song) that David has given to the head musician, the director of music, at the Temple. David is expressing his knowledge of the fact that God has penetrated to the core of his being and examined his character intently, and He understands David better than anyone else ever could.

Like David, God knows us even better than we know ourselves. He is omniscient; He knows everything. He even knows every word that we are going to say before we speak it. Nothing we do or say surprises the Lord.

As humans, we oftentimes do not allow others to see the real us. We put on airs to impress our friends, families even our loved ones. But God sees through it all. Most of us will not allow others see our “true colors” because we are afraid they may flee from us or may not like us very well and possibly not want to remain our friend. After we remove the silk screens, we become transparent and are seen for who we really are. Are you ready to let others see the real “YOU?”

Scary isn’t…I know what you mean…LOL!

God still works in the lives of His children. “We all have character flaws because we are imperfect beings; God’s grace just covers them up!!”

We are created with a purpose to bring God glory so He will not just leave us out in the cold or to chance regarding our purpose. God will direct our paths without taking away our freedom but will we follow that path. Because God is love and He knows us so well, we are given every opportunity to honor Him in fulfilling that purpose—even if we take a few detours from that path along the way. God’s mercy and grace keeps us afloat and physically present in society… but He will lay us to rest if won’t act right!! Hmmmm… makes you think, doesn't it??

So…Go ahead and be yourself but live in love (not motivational lust), live responsibly (you are held accountable) and live righteously (right standing with God). The rest is really up to God and not humankind.

Abundant Blessings in 2010,

- Rev

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